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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Africology products made using natural ingredients?

Africology uses many natural ingredients when formulating our products.  We aim to 'capture the intelligence of nature' in order to create products which are results driven.

How long will my Africology products last?

Africology products have been designed with lactoperioxidase and glucose oxidase as the preservative system.  This allows the lifespan of the products to be 2 years unopened and 6 months opened.  Lactoperioxidase is an enzyme secreted from mammary, salivary and other mucosal glands and functions as a natural antibacterial agent.  Glucose oxidase is an enzyme naturally found in honey.  Together they work to maintain the integrity of our products while fighting infection and degradation.

What are bio-identical ingredients?

Some of our ingredients are bio-identical, which means that they have the same structure as certain cells within the body and the skin. This means that the body is able to recognise, absorb and easily process these ingredients.  They do not increase the toxicity levels in the body, making them safe for daily use.

Where are Africology products produced?

All Africology products are produced in South Africa.  Africology proudly endorses the use of indigenous ingredients such as aloe, rooibos, marula and African potato.

Does Africology have any certification for their products?

Africology products are manufactured to the highest standards in a certified laboratory.  All products have undergone intensive testing by independent, internationally recognised testing laboratories.  Our products are backed by full toxicology reports and have met all requirements with regards to safety and testing. Based on extensive research, and backed by skin-patch testing, Africology products are safe, effective and work in harmony with the body.

Do Africology test their products on animals?

We strongly disagree with the practice of animal testing.  All our dermatological testing is performed upon human test subjects with their prior consent.  Our policy is NO animal testing; not just for final products, but for ingredients as well.  We support the values of Cruelty Free International, the leading organisation working to create a world where testing is no longer done on animals.

How long will it be until I begin seeing results from my Africology products?

Africology products will get to work immediately but it can take between two weeks to a month for visible results to be seen.  This depends on your skincare routine, the specific Africology products being used and your previous choice of product.

How long has Africology been around?

Africology products have been on the market for just over 10 years; the brand itself however has been in conceptualisation stages and production for 5 years before that.

I adore the Tissue Oil. The smell is amazing and uplifting and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

I use the Aloe Ferox serum morning and evening and it leaves my skin feel silky and smooth.

The Neroli Body Balm is a phenomenal product! Absolutley love the smell and the way it makes my skin look and feel.

The first time I used the Disinfectant Hand Wash, I was blown away by the wonderful pine scent. It lathers beautifully and leaves a clean, fresh smell. Brilliant product, no other handwash brand comes close.

I use the Cleansing Gel, the Anti-Reactive Toner and the Balancing Serum. Products I normally use do not always react with my skin type, which is blemished and dry. Since using Africology, my skin is clear, smooth, soft and bright.

The Exfoliator Cream and the Clay Masque work wonders with breakouts and keeps them at bay. I would highly recommend these amazing products to anyone.

The Cleansing Gel is the best I have ever used. It washes away imputities without drying my skin.

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